Eight: Why Do You Work?

By August 22, 2016#MondayAmbition

It’s  a simple question.

“Why do you work?”

We often go through our daily life having interactions with other people. The question that always seems to come up in my conversations is, “what do you do for a living?”

It’s a kind gesture to show interest in the other person, but sometimes I like to throw a curveball and ask why they do what they do.

Very few will admit it in the beginning, but the large reason the majority of people work is simply to collect a paycheck. The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more you see that many are simply working to become wealthy.

work for the lord long

It’s a funny thing wealth is.

The traditional idea for those seeking wealth is that if they only had MORE, they would feel satisfied.

If they reached that next promotion. If they got that big client.

But the reality that is so often seen in professional athletes, celebrities, and business moguls is that more money and things often just creates more problems.

Just like Biggie said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

The Bible illustrates this issue as well and heads us to not seek wealth, but Christ.

"Do not toil to acquire wealth; be discerning enough to desist. When your eyes light on it, it is gone, for suddenly it sprouts wings, flying like an eagle toward heaven."

Proverbs 23:4-5

How often do you find yourself pushing for wealth?

Personally, it’s something I’ve often struggled with but it never gains me anything more than the opportunity to purchase more things and help others.

This is fine if your goal is to gain wealth so you can share it with others, but that’s different than chasing wealth for yourself.

As Proverbs illustrates, chasing wealth is fleeting so don’t toil to acquire it.

Simple as that.

Rather, spend your effort seeking the Lord and being a living testimony for Christ. That is the only true satisfaction you will find.

I will declare your righteousness and your salvation every day, though I do not fully understand
what the outcome will be. Lord God, I will come in the power of your mighty acts, remembering your righteousness—yours alone.

Psalm 71:15-16

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  • Scott Frazier

    At 45 I am a struggling christian entrepreneur with a big vision for great things. I have not tapped into Gods best because of a poverty spirit I think. The whole idea of making mone . My poor view has compromised my effectiveness. Your videos have been used to put a fire back into my work life. My point is this. You need to grow your blog and put out more video . There are many Christian men who have the passion and love the Grant Cardones BUT your social presence brings balance into mens primary purpose of growing their business. Keep up the good work!